Welcome to Elkmont RV Resort POA, Inc 

Special Alert!!!!


We need to have everyone's help on these two issues in our Park.


1.   Someone is throwing small gravel stones into our pool !!! If one or more of these stones gets into our pool pump it will be a VERY COSTLY REPAIR FOR THE POA.



2.   Three outsiders have been seen using our dumpster! This also can increase our costs as a POA. We have reported this to the sheriff's office, but we need  a license plate number. Our surveillance cameras were unable to  identify the violators yet.


Let's all be vigilant to protect our interests and investment. That will help keep the Association's expenses down.


Thanks for your help.

Jack Berg,  President Elkmont POA





We are having a work day Sat Aug. 16th from 8:00 am - 12:00 noon


We would like our volunteers to meet at the pavilion at 8:00 am to see what jobs they would like to do.


Work that needs to be done is as follows:

                   Chip up tree limbs  

                   Spread the chips around plants

                   Stain our new shed

                   Burn the leaf piles

                   Pick up fallen limbs

                   Sort out wood for the fire place.

Before doing any property Improvements, please see instructions on the Property Improvement tab.